Our Focus

Active is a new way of delivering facilities management, where the service is designed to drive delivery of your developing corporate goals.


Creating clarity in an  ever changing world of technology and relating that to your FM and property decisions.

Digital Transformation 

Placing you on a journey to transform management of your workspaces to meet the digital revolution.

Internet of Things

Offering a uniquely practical approach to applying IoT to drive your strategic workspace needs.

Data Currency 

Where data is increasingly important, maximising the value and putting ownership in your hands.

Service Models

Establishing service models driven from your corporate strategy and the
real-time reality of how your workspaces support them.

Technology Ecosystems 

Taking the best of what you have, maximising the value and creating a holistic approach to co-ordinated technology environments.

Our Finnish Connection

Our Finnish development functions give Active access to the best in what is going on in disruptive technology in the World today.

Leading Innovation 

Our development function is based in an leading area for technology-based innovation.


Ability to tap into
government-level investment and support.


Part of a disruptive community driving forward technology.


Access to enterprise-level production of key technologies.
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