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Our specialist team of facilities management and technology experts can offer a turnkey service that gets into the heart of your organisation and delivers answers that not only take into account what you have now in terms of your technology environment and workspace portfolio, but also creates a structure that ensures corporate goals are delivered. Active doesn't stop at just giving answers to technology problems, we are also equipped to create the end-to-end processes and service models that ensure that any solution is truly embedded into the culture of any provision going forward.

Project Management 

The Active team have a wealth of experience in delivering project and change management programmes within the facilities management arena. This is a full life-cycle service from project initiation to post-analysis that demonstrates goals have been delivered. As well applying sound project management standards that underpin on-time, on-budget delivery. There is a real emphasis on stakeholder engagement to ensure the appropriate buy-in and ownership that is required if you want to get the best outcomes.

Data & Analysis 

From ensuring core data has the appropriate levels of integrity to support the parties that are responsible for maintaining it, Active are able to put in a position to get the best out of your data and be really confident to make those strategic decisions from it. Our reporting experts are then able to create a robust set of management information tools and the basis to create real insight and access to process automation through areas such as machine learning and workflow engines, which drive reporting from static to something really active.

Integration & Augmentation 

For Active a technology road-map should not be about disposing of everything you have now, but smart use of integration, workflow and tactical deployment of solutions to enhance current applications, giving the opportunity to create some coherence in even the most complex IT architecture. Smart use of IoT and tactical app deployment can really elevate legacy systems and create a leading-edge environment in a cost effective way. 


Drawing on our experience of delivering front line FM and related support services, Active are able to provide a hand-holding service for areas like service management, helpdesk or reporting or we can manage these on your behalf on an on-going basis. With a demonstrable background in delivering award winning solutions and operating for a diverse client base Active can tailor these services around an ethos that supports your corporate goals.

App Development

The Active team have made a lot of use of apps to accelerate improvements in service delivery and access to services for workspace users. This can be a really effective way of providing a single shop front to diverse applications as well as creating quick tactical solutions to those time consuming and annoying issues. This capability also gives real agility to the overall service and allows low cost testing of new concepts.

Our Finnish Connection

Our Finnish development functions give Active access to the best in what is going on in disruptive technology in the World today.

Leading Innovation 

Our development function is based in an leading area for technology-based innovation.


Ability to tap into
tech-fund investment and support.


Part of a disruptive community driving forward technology.


Access to enterprise-level production of key technologies.

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